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• Code of Ethics •



Code of Ethics

1. Members shall encourage the American Free Enterprise System.

2. Each member owes a duty of integrity, honor, fair-dealing and courtesy to the general public in the operation of all facets of its business.

3. Cleanliness and neatness of equipment and drivers are important features of public contact.

4. Members shall comply with all city, county, state and federal laws and it shall be the duty of the association to keep members informed as to these laws and their application; as well as rules and regulations promulgated by the regulatory bodies designated to administer and enforce these laws.

5. No member shall do anything or make any utterance which conceivably might injure the reputation of any member or non-member competitor.

6. Members shall employ truth and accuracy in advertising and soliciting and they shall honor any commitments made in the course of business.

7. Members shall bring to the attention of the central office any information believed to be a violation of any law or regulation and aid in the enforcement of all laws and regulations.

8. Members shall strive to improve their internal business methods to strengthen their economic well-being to the end of being better able to serve the public and conform to this Constitution and Bylaws.

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